Saturday, 24 December 2011

Seasons Greetings

Sorry I haven`t been blogging just lately but I`ve been really busy designing Set 3 which should be ready early next year......its just lovely and I can`t wait to share it with you!!
Also I am developing a stamp set to compliment the Bee set......its all very exciting!! but time consuming.....!

As we had a good response when we went to Biggin Hill with Sincerely Yours, we have decided to do some more shows next year........

Coventry - Feb 19th
Leigh - March 3rd and 4th
We hope to be at Thetford on 1st April and back to Biggin Hill on 20th May, so do come and say hello.
More dates later, so visit the Blog next year.

I will also be demonstrating at the Craft barn on ....
Feb 4th
May 5th
June 30th and July 1st

Just a little Bee to keep you going, very easy to make, although his legs are the antlers (AD and AE) and his shoes are the large lights (D) from the Seasonal set.

The caterpillar is so easy to make just use the large bee head (B) and the inner head (C) from the Bee set

I would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year, and thank you for your custom and support during 2011.

Bee Happy


Thursday, 24 November 2011

New Ideas using Seasonal set

Here is a close up of some ideas using the Seasonal set that are not in the book.

These are the shapes from the Seasonal set that you need to make this Robin card

Again the shapes are from the Seasonal set

Again the shapes you will need

This Card is in the book and it is one of my favourites. Its very easy to create and these are the shapes you need

We had a good day at Maresfield with the ladies at the Bowling club on Monday with the help of Charry.
They loved the product and enjoyed the class.

This is a lovely Card from Wendy which she kindly gave to me on Tuesday using the Seasonal set and I think it is brilliant. She gave everybody in the class a stunning card so thank you very much and well done Wendy!!

More  ideas soon!!!

Bee Happy


Free Prize draw winner

Congratulations to Clare McFadden from Redhill who won the free prize draw at Biggin Hill.
Hope to see you all again at the Sincerely Yours shows next year!!

Look out for my article based on the Bee set  in Issue 74 of Papercraft Essentials......!
Also a lovely recommendation for my Seasonal set on page 8 in the December issue of Crafts Beautiful....!

More ideas coming soon.


Monday, 24 October 2011

New Design for Christmas

We did this in class last week using the Seasonal set and everybody really liked it so I thought I would explain how to make it on my Blog.
From the book you can refer to the codes below.

Peel off and cut out shapes....
1 x AK for Pudding in brown
1 x P for Pudding top in white
5 x AH for Holly in green
1 x AM for Head in vanilla
1 x K for Hat in red
1 x AO for Bobble on hat in white
2 x AA for Wings in white
1 x AP for Banner in red and white spots

You should now have all these...

Ooops I missed off the Banner....sorry!

Chalk edges of a notch card with red
1. Glue P onto AK, then glue 2 x AH onto the top of P. Add black dots from sheet No. 2109 onto AK.Add 3 pearls onto AH to resemble berries.
This is the Pudding minus the black dots

2. Glue K onto AM then add AO, draw face and glue to the back of the pudding, then glue wings into place.
Using 3D pads adhere to card.

3. Again using 3D pads place banner AP above pudding. Add two peel off lines to resemble hanging, (see card). Add holly leaves and pearls each end of banner.
Add Christmas wording to banner.
Glue 1cm of red and white spotty paper onto each side of the card and trim. Add black dots randomly with pen.

Hope you can make sense of my rubbish instructions!!!

There will be 5 new card designs featured in the Papercraft Essentials magazine which is available on Wednesday 26th October.
These designs are not in the Bee Booklet. Let me know if you like them.

Bee Happy


Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Busy day at Biggin Hill

Wow, what a busy day it was lovely to see all the familiar faces and of course lots of new ladies.
It created a lot of interest which was very encouraging for me as it is a new concept.

It was good to see our new customers who loved our Bee set and bought the Seasonal set on the day.
Hope you have lots of fun making all the designs and some of your own creations.

Here am I having a breather after a very busy day....!

Lesley and Joan enjoying a cuppa..!

I will take a few close ups of the tags and cards that I displayed on the day in my next blog, once I have finished making some sample cards for Jenny to take on the telly.

Thanks to Mum & Dad for helping us and Raynor for our lovely banner

Bee Happy!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Biggin Hill show

Busy getting ready for the Biggin Hill show on Sunday 16th October.
I will demonstrate lots of new designs from the new Seasonal set and here is a little preview.....

We will be on Stand 26 near the Tea rooms, and look forward to seeing you there!!

Bee Happy

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Xmas set has arrived!!!

My new Seasonal set and booklet are now available from my web site.
I will be demonstrating the peel offs at the Craft Barns mini fest all day on Saturday October 1st, hope to see you there with lots of different ideas on how to use the peel offs.
These are just a couple of examples.......

My next adventure will be showing at the Sincerely Yours show at Biggin Hill on Sunday 16th October
We will have a small stand selling the sets, booklets and all papers, card and embellishments which is all you need to make the cards.
Hope to see you all there!!

Bee Happy!


Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Debbie`s Card

So sorry I haven`t blogged for ages but have been so busy getting the Xmas set photographed.
At last its ready and will be available to buy by the end of the week!!
Here are some sneak previews......

More details at the weekend.

After our day using the Helidot peel offs, Debbie made a lovely book card using all the ideas that she learnt on the day. This is another sample of how versatile and creative you can be using the Helidot peel offs.

Well done Debbie and thanks for sharing your ideas with us!!

And this little card was made by Sophie, my grandaughter aged 6.......

Didn`t she do well....!!!

Bee Happy!


Sunday, 21 August 2011

Helidot day at home

What a lovely day we had yesterday making 4 cards using my new peel offs.
There were 15 ladies all squashed into my kitchen after we re-arranged the furniture!!
But nobody seemed to mind and all had a really good day.
Thanks to my Mum and my daughter Emma for all their help!! I couldn`t have managed without them.

Here we all are hard at work.....

By the end of the day Fran said she had mastered the art of cutting out neatly, well done Fran!!
Here are two of the cards we made which are not in the booklet, illustrating how versatile the peel offs are

As you can see it is a pop up card

This is the front view. The bird is attached with acetate to the back of the bird house.

One of the other cards we made was this one, which everyone loved and was much simpler and not so much cutting out.We managed 3 cards in the afternoon, well done everyone!!

Hope you like it, as everyone said it would be an ideal Baby card.

Bee Happy.


Thursday, 11 August 2011

Craft Buddies Day

Had an enjoyable morning demoing at Craft Buddies in Uckfield last Saturday.
Lovely to meet lots of new people and I would like to thank them for their enthusiasm.
The morning went so quickly and thank you to Helen for inviting me.
Here are some more cards we made using my peel offs....

Yesterday was exciting when my MAKING CARDS magazine arrived and I discovered my products had been featured in the "what`s new" section. I loved the headline "Dotty about peel offs!!"

I`m so busy this week designing my Christmas set which should be available in is a sneak preview, hope you like it.......

I will be demoing the set at the Craft Barn`s mini fest on October 1st .

Bee Happy!!!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Saturday Class

We had a lovely class on Saturday it was gorgeous weather which makes everyone happy...
We made five easy cards using the Botanical set from craftwork cards which is lovely. Thank you to all the lovely ladies that come on a Saturday I know they do travel a long way.. so I'm always happy when they like the cards we make.  Here are two of the cards we made .. hope you like them.

The flower punch we used was from Martha Stewart, and the ribbon was from my stash,everything else was from Craftwork Cards.
Bye for now...!

New baby

To my lovely niece on the birth of her second daughter.  This is the card I made for her from my peel offs using the bees and the toadstool shapes.

Jon and I have our own little baby, she is so cute although full of mischief at the momenrt, she is very partial to chewing up bits of paper and large bees.. although she looks like butter wouldn't melt.

This is willow ..... Just look at the Dennis Heally's they must be at least two inches long!!!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Crafts U Love Day

We all had a lovely day at Crafts U Love yesterday and thanks to Lyn for all her help as usual xx
Lots of people turned up which was good and said they really enjoyed the workshops
Here they all are hard at work in Charry`s class!!

Here am I talking to the lovely ladies and demonstrating my new products

Here are some examples of the cards

There are lots more examples in my booklet with step by step instructions.

See you all at Craft Buddies on 6th August with some more new ideas using my Peel offs!!
Bee Happy!

Friday, 22 July 2011

Crafts u Love Birthday

Sorry I haven`t been blogging but I have been so busy designing my Christmas set and it is now in production!!!
I can`t wait to get my hands on it!!
In addition I have been teaching and getting ready for the Crafts u Love 5th Birthday celebrations down in the Charlwood Village Hall.
I will be doing a workshop with my Peel offs from 10am to 11am and demonstrating for the rest of the day, hope to see you on Saturday 23rd.
I promise to update you and with photos of the day!!

My next demo with my Peel offs is for Craft Buddies, Uckfield on Saturday 6th August just for the morning, ring Helen Park 01825 761447 for details of the venue, hope to see you there.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Welcome to my new website and blog

Hello. I've just launched my new website and this is my very first blog posting!