Monday, 24 October 2011

New Design for Christmas

We did this in class last week using the Seasonal set and everybody really liked it so I thought I would explain how to make it on my Blog.
From the book you can refer to the codes below.

Peel off and cut out shapes....
1 x AK for Pudding in brown
1 x P for Pudding top in white
5 x AH for Holly in green
1 x AM for Head in vanilla
1 x K for Hat in red
1 x AO for Bobble on hat in white
2 x AA for Wings in white
1 x AP for Banner in red and white spots

You should now have all these...

Ooops I missed off the Banner....sorry!

Chalk edges of a notch card with red
1. Glue P onto AK, then glue 2 x AH onto the top of P. Add black dots from sheet No. 2109 onto AK.Add 3 pearls onto AH to resemble berries.
This is the Pudding minus the black dots

2. Glue K onto AM then add AO, draw face and glue to the back of the pudding, then glue wings into place.
Using 3D pads adhere to card.

3. Again using 3D pads place banner AP above pudding. Add two peel off lines to resemble hanging, (see card). Add holly leaves and pearls each end of banner.
Add Christmas wording to banner.
Glue 1cm of red and white spotty paper onto each side of the card and trim. Add black dots randomly with pen.

Hope you can make sense of my rubbish instructions!!!

There will be 5 new card designs featured in the Papercraft Essentials magazine which is available on Wednesday 26th October.
These designs are not in the Bee Booklet. Let me know if you like them.

Bee Happy


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