Wednesday, 20 April 2016

pot of flowers

Hi Everyone

As promised here is another card for you to make this time it is used with the Bee Set.
On your bee sheet 1101 you will notice you have quite a lot of spare petal shapes (wings)
so this is a good way to use them.
You will need to cut 3 thin stems for your flowers from green card.

1.  Cut a square 7.5x7.5 cm. from vanilla coloured card.
2.  Peel off large black circle from sheet no.1105 and adhere to the centre of the vanilla
3.  Peel off and cut out 5 petal shapes from sheet no.1101, 3 medium flowers from sheet
     no.1103 and 3 hearts from sheet no.1105 all in red card.
     Peel off and cut out 1 pot shape from sheet no.1103 and 1 circle in black.
4.  Make the flower using the 5 red petals using the waste from the circle you have cut out.
     Lay the waste sticky side up and adhere all the petals (as illustrated). Glue the black
     circle to the centre of the flower.

 5. To make the Butterfly:- cut one heart in half lengthways and glue behind the whole heart
      (as illustrated).

      Adhere to a 3d pad, add a flat backed pearl to join the wings(or use the
      sticky circle from the sheet. Position the butterfly onto the edge of large black circle.
      (see picture) using 3d pad.
6.    Trim the black pot down (as illustrated)and glue in place, inside the black circle. Add
       the large flower on the edge of pot using 3d pads.and glue in place, add the 3 flowers
       using 3d pads. Use the black dots or pearls for the centre of the flowers and also on the
      butterfly wings.

Hope you like this card , you can make it in so many different colours have a go.

I will blog some more ideas very soon.

Bee Happy


Sunday, 10 April 2016

Hi Everyone

Hope you all had a very Easter, we certainly did quite a busy weekend it was also my sisters
birthday on Easter Saturday, so we went out with my husbands family on Good Friday and my
family on Easter Sunday, on the Saturday we had a family meal with the Grandchildren
so it has been a very happy time for us all. Now everyone is back to school this week and  we
all have the following Bank holiday to look forward to.

I just love Spring and it has certainly sprung early this year so I thought I would share with you
some flowers and butterflies that can be made very simply from Petite Fleur mini set, I have made
so may lovely things with this set I think it is so versatile, I really hope you will agree with me.

To make the daffodil:- cut out five shapes as shown below, in a pale lemon then 1 bell shape in a
slightly darker yellow, 1 stalk in green and two leaf shapes in green.
Glue together all five pale lemon shapes and add the bell shape. Glue the whole flower onto the
stalk and glue on the leaves.For the daffodil buds I have given the necessary shapes and colours    
on the last photo. All you need to do is cut them out layer the yellow shapes together add the green
leaves onto the yellow shapes and glue to a green stalk.

To make the blue bell;-
 Cut out the two bell shapes in blue and one stalk shape in green and two
leaf shapes in green. Glue the leaves to the stalk and glue the two bell shapes in place (see picture)
You will notice that the two different flowers are made from the same shapes.

To make the small butterfly:- Cut out four petal shapes in lilac and glue together as shown then
cut out one shape( as shown for the body) in darker lilac glue to the middle of the petal shapes for the body.  To make a larger butterfly just cut out 4 larger petal shapes.

To make a flower;- using the same petal shapes glue them together as shown and add a small flower
shape glue this to the centre of the petals and glue a circle on top.            

I will give you some more ideas for flowers next time, If you like the flowers they are all
available to buy as rubber stamps  as well as peel offs,which are on sale from the online shop.

Have a lovely week and I will post some more flowers next time.

Bee Happy