Sunday, 8 April 2012

Craft Barn

I demonstrated my new Fairies and Friends set at the Craft Barn yesterday.
A good day meeting lots of new people and looking forward to seeing them again on May 5th for a day of make and takes using Helidot products.
If anyone is interested in joining us for the make and takes please phone the Craft Barn to make a booking.

I had some really great feedback which is encouraging and most people loved the new set as it is so versatile and here are a couple more examples.

The shapes I have used for Teddy are from Fairies and Friends and are illustrated in the booklet.
The only difference is that I have used yellow for shape BG and used the black lines to represent a Bee body.
The wings are shape AQ (heart) put onto white card, cut in half and stuck to the back of the body

The Flower pot is made from shape A with the pointed top cut off and the tag is made from shape B also with the pointed top cut off.
Black lines are added to cover the bottom of the pot and top of the tag.
The butterflies wings are made from shape AR . Peel off and cut out three of these shapes, glue two together point to point and cut the third one in half longways and glue at the bottom of each wing.
The body is shape L glued on top of the wings, finally the antennae is the waste from AU and AV.
The Flowers are shape BB and BC and the centres are AC and AD.Draw face on with fine tip markers.

More ideas soon!!!

Bee Happy

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