Sunday, 17 June 2012

Our Latest News

First of all a great big sorry we haven`t blogged for so long, but we took a well earned rest and spent a holiday in Menorca.........and very hot, unlike England!!!
We have now printed all the papers but have not yet been able to put them into the online shop yet, hopefully next week, the colours are lovely and the four designs are very small and dainty, I'm really pleased with
them, so I hope you will like them.

We have just come back from a successful show in Taunton with Sincerely Yours and just before our holiday we did a show at Biggin Hill.
Here are some pictures taken without us knowing by Jackie at Biggin Hill.

Thanks Jackie and a huge thank you to Charry for all her hard work on the day .....
and this is a photo of Charry and myself enjoying a well earned meal and drinks after
the show to celebrate Charry's special birthday.  We had a lovely evening with live
music,  we did let Jon come with us as he had worked hard all day, and he paid!!!!!!

Here is another little card I have designed from the Fairy and Friends set, it is so easy to
make but here are the instructions.......

Peel off all the above shapes onto grey card and cut out, except for the inner ears (small heart) onto pink card.
The large heart and small heart have to be cut in half vertically. Then glue half small heart to half large heart and glue to each side of the head.
Glue the head to the top of the body at an angle. Glue the tail at the back of the body between the legs.
Finally glue the trunk to the pointed end of the head. Add two dots for eyes and a small bow around the trunk.
That`s all for now....

Bee Happy!!

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