Sunday, 5 August 2012

New samples from TV

Thanks for all your lovely messages which I have received before and since I went on Create and Craft with Jenny from Hobby Art, and of course a HUGE THANKYOU to Jenny for inviting me on her show.  I was so nervous for about a week before but as soon as I arrived in the green room and met all those familiar faces I felt so much better.  I must say it certainly was an experience!!!!!!
On the way home the grandchildren rang and they were so excited I hadn't seen them as they had been on holiday so Sophie said she had to see me as she had a surprise for me and here it is a gold medal for doing so well who needs to win a gold in the olympics when all you have to do is make a few cards and demo them on the television.  

As promised here are some of the cards from the seasonal set which I demoed on T.V.
The fairy can be made using the instructions from the Fairies and Friends set
but instead of using a skirt and wings you use holly from the seasonal set.

The instructions for the large penguins are in the seasonal booklet but the baby is made using small circles for  the head and the body is made using the smaller oval shapes (AB) on sheet no 2108 and the small lights(Y) on sheet no 2107 are the flippers. The foot is the same as the large penguin.  Hope that is helpful. The pudding is made using (AK) and (P) simply glue one on to the other add a few black dots from sheet no 2109. Add three holly shapes from sheet no 2108 and three circles to resemble berries or just use 3 large red pearls or jewels.  The J and Y are the waste from the J and Y on sheet no 2109.  
The parcels are using the medium square ((R) and (O) for the faux ribbon the bows are made using (K) x 2 on each parcel with a (T) small heart finished with a jewel.
All the patterned papers I have used on the above cards are Helidot papers.

Lots going on at the moment I will be bringing out a mini Christmas set very soon hopefully by the end of August ,  it will compliment the seasonal set so I am busy with that at the moment.

I am joining a new company called Lovingly Made and will be hosting a workshop there on 22nd September  so if anyone is interested please go on their website.

Looking forward to seeing the girls down in Balcombe for a really fun day with my friend Charry will post some pics after next weekend and will share some of the projects we are making.

Bee Happy


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