Monday, 29 February 2016

little house in the forest

Hi Everyone

As promised my instructions (I hope you can understand them) for my little house in the forest.
Sometimes we have lots of bits left from the sets this is a way of using them up. I have used
Willow paper with spot and chalked around the edges with darker green chalk.
Most of the shapes are taken from Fairies and friends and The Bee set, I have only used one
shape from the All about Babies and if you dont have this set just use another small heart from
the Fairies and friends set for the smoke and perhaps a mini flower for the door, I  will leave the
decision to you.

Cut a piece of Willow spot  paper 65mm x 75mm matt this onto a piece of dark green card
measuring 70mm x 80mm.  This makes the topper base.

Peel off the shapes onto the coloured card and cut out. Build the house first by glueing the red
roof  cross over the honey pot shape. Glue the white daisy flower in the middle
of the two roof shapes where they join. Glue the chimney in place at the back of the roof. Glue the windows in place after using the black lines to make a criss cross design on each one.
Glue the door in place and trim the bottom.Add a dot from the sheet for the handle and add glue a small heart on the door (optional).

Make up the trees by trimming the tree trunk shapes as necessary and glue the flower shapes and
heart shapes on the top. Put the topper together using the pictures as your guide.Lastly glue
everything in place and  add six flowers as illustrated in the picture, adding a dot in
each flower centre and the heart smoke from the chimney.

You can make up a card to your own design or just use the topper in the centre of a card blank.        

Have a good week and I will be back soon with some more ideas.

Bee Happy


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