Tuesday, 8 March 2016

daisy in pot

Hi Everyone
Hope you have had a good week.Thank you for the E-mails I have received welcoming me
Today I have made a cute topper (very easy) again using shapes from Fairies and Friends,
Petite Fleur and All about Babies. If you dont have all these sets, try and use what you have.
You could use a tiny flower for the pot instead of the heart shape and a different shape for the
leaf i.e.perhaps a small petal or a different heart shape. You will be surprised what you can use
when you really study the shapes.

Cut  a piece of Willow spot paper 4.5cm x7.5cm. Then mat and layer onto dark green card 5cm x 8cm. This is the topper base.

Peel all the shapes onto coloured card and cut out.

Make the daisy flower using five white petals and a yellow circle for the middle.
Using the waste from the circle adhere each petal onto the sticky side of black waste(see instruction sheet).

To make up the flower pot trim the triangle  from the pointed end as per picture adding a black sticky line along the edge.Glue this to the topper and adhere the yellow mini heart in place.

Glue the green stalk coming out of the pot and adhere the green heart(leaf) in place.Now glue
the  finished daisy onto the stalk.

To make up the ladybug cut the red circle in half, add some small black peel off dots. Glue the
small black circle in place for the head. Finally glue the ladybug onto the side of pot adding the black waste from the antenae.

 Some people find cutting out the very small circles difficult, in this case you could use a black    
 flat backed pearl instead..

Hope you all enjoy making this little topper.

Be back soon for some more samples.

Bee Happy


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