Tuesday, 15 March 2016

bee sticker mini book

Hi everyone

Hope you have had a lovely week, I had some friends over today and we had a really lovely day,
lots of chatting and we even made some cards.

Today our little book card is so easy to make as I have used the Bee sticker sheet and the Bee extra
sheet so no cutting of shapes just peel off and adhere to the cardstock easy as that,

Cut out for the front of your card,one piece of yellow card measuring......... 70x80mm
 and another piece ... 60x70mm , then a piece of lemon card measuring 75x65mm.
then matt and layer these three pieces of card, repeat again for the back of the card.
adhere a large daisy to the back and front(see picture)

Cut a piece of lemon card 240x60mm score at 60,120,180mm and glue  to the back of card (see picture).

For the inside  cut out two pieces of yellow card 50x50mm
then two pieces of lemon card 45x45mm matt and layer them  together and glue in place (see picture)

Adhere the bees and flowers from the sheet and add the text and black dots from the Bee extra

For the sleeve cut lemon card 170x30mm and glue together making sure the finished sleeve is big enough to take the mini card book,adhere add a little bee to the front of sleeve.

If you want to 3D any images from the sheet always adhere them to a piece of thin card first and then cut out the shape.

Hope you enjoy making this, I will be back soon with some more ideas from the sticker sheet.
You will be surprised how many cards you can make once you get going.

See you soon.

Bee happy


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