Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Easter chicks and Easter egg

Hi Everyone

Hope you have had a good week, can`t believe Easter is  nearly here already.
Hope you all have an enjoyable long weekend and I will blog again soon.

The shapes have been taken from the Fairies and Friends set
To make the baby chick:-
Glue the yellow fish shape to the orange fish shape leaving just the bottom of the orange
showing ( see picture)  
Glue the circle onto the top of the yellow fish shape.
Glue the trimmed orange star shape onto the  head for the beak.
Glue the trimmed yellow star shape onto to the back of body for feathers.(see picture)

Glue the flower to the centre of the oval (Easter Egg) and adhere to the card using 3d pads.
Make up two chicks and using 3d pads adhere a chick either side of the egg shape.

To make the medium chick:-
Glue the yellow circle onto the yellow oval, then glue the feather shape to the back of the oval to resemble feathers. (see picture) glue the heart shape onto the bottom of the oval sideways to resemble feet. Trim star shape and glue to the circle (beak). Lastly glue a black dot for the eye.

You could also use this chick with the Easter egg shapes, try cutting the egg in half and the chicken in half and glue the top of the chick inside the egg shape.

Have fun with these shapes you certainly don't need many to achieve a small card. I am always interested in what you make with the Helidot peel offs  and I would always put them on my blog if you were happy for me to do so.  

Have fun & Bee Happy


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